How to make a product return

Note: No refund or replacement can be processed without following the procedure below.

ARTICLE RETURN PROCEDURE (within 14 working days):

  • Connect to your customer account, then, on your left (Menu / My account)
  • Click on (>> My orders)
  • Click on the command affected by the problem.
  • Check the relevant item.
  • Fill in the following field at the bottom of the "Return of goods" basket
  • Click on the button "Generate a return"
  • Add a message: ex: ... thank you for confirming a return request for the attached products)
  • Go back to your account management (top left in pink)
  • Click on (>> My product returns)
  • A return number is generated corresponding to the order in question,
  • The instance is (Awaiting confirmation) by the after-sales service
  • In addition, please notify us by message from your customer account of this procedure.

Monitor your inbox and make sure our email addresses are not in your spam.

Upon receipt of the notification (("Waiting for package")) send your products with a copy of the invoice and an information note:

OUR CHARGE: if the error or anomaly is our responsibility (error on the product, defective product, other anomaly related to the preparation of the order) thank you for requesting by email a "COLISIMO RETURN LABEL") at the cost of our load. As soon as you receive the COLISSIMO RETOUR label by email in PDF form (to print), go to your post to make your return.

AT YOUR CHARGE: if the item chosen does not correspond to your expectations, or simply if you withdraw.

Upon receipt of the package, the contents will be checked, and according to this expertise, the after-sales service processes the return and you will be notified by message.

Product Return Policy

You wish to return one or more items which have an apparent defect following transport or handling or an undetected manufacturing defect, or following an order preparation error on our part. You have the option of informing us immediately via your customer account indicating the observed failure and making a claim for a return or replacement within 14 days, in accordance with the GTC that you accepted at the end of your order.

Upon receipt of your package

We would like to remind you of two important things to do:

Before opening any package: check whether the package has suffered apparent external damage such as (tearing, traces of liquid, holes, blows with a cutter, etc.)

After opening the package:

  • the content must match your order.
  • all products must be new.
  • operational electronic / multimedia devices or products.
  • games composed in full.
  • books not damaged by transport.

As soon as a defect is noted, connect to your customer account and notify any problem on the order (at the bottom of the basket).

Note: Note that any abuse noted will be deleted from your customer account without notice.