IqraShop is one of the first e-commerce sites offering articles related to Muslim culture. Created in 2001, is considered to be one of the first Arab-Muslim online sales sites in France. Several tens of thousands of customers have already been served by this site.

Offering a wide range of diverse and varied products, starting with books (hence the name of the site, because "Iqra" meaning in Arabic "read").

IqraShop is positioned as a leader in its field. It currently offers the largest catalog of online books in France on Arab-Muslim culture, which is around 15,000 titles, mainly in French and Arabic. You will also find some books in English and Dutch. The topics covered by our catalogs are very varied ...

Apart from books, IqraShop offers a wide choice of products related to Arab-Muslim culture.

The site is published by Editions & Librairie Orientica (COURONNES LIVRES SAS - SIREN 804 985 919 RCS PARIS).

The iqrashop site is declared to the National Commission for Informatics and Freedoms (declaration n ° 861859).