Vie du Prophète SAW

The life of the last prophet, Muhammad (SAW - Sallalahou 'Alayhi Wasallam: Peace and salvation be upon him) is poorly known, little studied, and rarely pondered. His life is however edifying, deep, luminous, it influenced billions of people after him. It is the story of faith, spirituality and commitment. It is also the story of simplicity, conviction, openness and determination. The story of a man, of a Prophet. A model. Allah says in the Qur'an: There is certainly for you, in the Messenger of God, a perfect model for who desires God and the last day with fervor and remembers God ardently. [S.33 / V.21] The master of the envoys was born in the valleys of Bani Hâchim in Mecca, on Monday 9 of Rabi 'Al-Awwal, the year of the elephant, or fortieth year of reign of Kisra ( Chrosoes). This corresponds to April 20 or 22, AD 571, according to scholar Al-Mansurfuri and astronomer Mahmud Bacha. Ibn Sa'd reported that the mother of the Prophet (SAW) had said: “When I brought him into the world a light came out of me which could illuminate the palaces of Syria! After the birth, Amina sent someone to tell 'Abdul-Muttalib the birth of her grandson. He then moved, delighted by this news, and carried the child to the Ka'ba where he invoked Allah and thanked Him. He named him Muhammad, a first name little known to the Arabs of the time, and circumcised him on the seventh day, as the Arab tradition wanted.

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